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Our approach

The first consultation with us is your opportunity to explain your unique circumstances and goals. We will discuss your legal rights and the realistic options available to protect your interests. Then we will work with you to formulate a strategy and action plan to reach your goals.


Fixed Fee Legal Services

We offer our clients some limited legal services for a fixed fee. Before starting any work on your file, we will review your case and prepare an itemized action plan that breaks down each service required and its price. This approach ensures that you will have an opportunity to strategize with us and maintain control over your legal costs.

Unbundled Legal Services

We are pleased to offer our clients the option of unbundled legal services for a number of discrete legal tasks. When our clients are interested in this option, we meet with them to discuss their case and determine the legal tasks for our involvement. We will prepare an itemized action plan specifying the extent of our involvement and the price associated with each step.


Full Service Hourly Billing

For those clients who feel more comfortable with traditional billing options, we still offer billing by the hour. We always ensure that all work is completed in the most efficient, cost-effective manner and that you are always aware of your bill. It is important to us that we understand your objectives and concerns and present you with your best course of action at each stage of your matter.


Fee Options

We recognize the importance of cost-effective legal services tailored to the individual client. To that end, we are proud to offer our clients several billing options.

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