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We have broad expertise in family law, including divorce, child and spousal support, custody and access, property division, cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements.

We frequently address complex estate matters, as well as conflicts of law and cross-jurisdictional issues. We advise clients around the world, including in the United States, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, France, Denmark and Japan.


The matters in which we are involved are substantial and legally significant, and our cases are often at the forefront of the law. We offer individualized, sophisticated service to each of our clients.

Family Law


Child support

Spousal support

Parental support 

Parenting decisions

Parenting time



Equitable issues

Cohabitation agreements

Marriage contracts

Separation agreements

Surviving spouses have the right to either accept the entitlement pursuant to their deceased spouse’s will or an equalization payment. The same financial and legal issues that apply for separated spouses apply to widowed spouses and dependant children. We assist widowed spouses to make prudent financial decisions during this difficult time.


We also represent parties who were financially dependent on the deceased and have been left with insufficient support or none at all.


We prosecute claims against trustees who fail to comply with their fiduciary obligations, and defend trustees against claims alleging a breach of trust.


When appropriate we will challenge a will in cases of undue influence, the absence of testamentary capacity or an invalid will.


When a person's mental capacity to make his or her own decisions about money and personal care diminishes, friends or family members may step in to assist. “Assistance” can mean different things to different people. In some cases, “assistance” is abuse or misuse of the powers granted to the power of attorney. In nearly all of these cases, emotions are highly charged, dynamics are complex, and the stakes are incredibly high. We can help.

Estate Litigation

Equitable claims

Dependent’s relief support claims

Will challenges

Undue influence

Removal of an executor


Passing of accounts

Trust claims

Estate administration


We offer bespoke service to each of our clients and understand that every situation is unique. The matters in which we are involved are substantial and legally significant, and our cases are often at the forefront of the law.

We understand that some people choose to represent themselves but need help. We assist self-represented litigants with understanding the law, preparing complete, accurate, compelling court materials and training in effective oral advocacy. A. Shawn Richard taught trial advocacy to law students at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and trains lawyers in effective advocacy. He is available to teach self-represented litigants about effective advocacy for motions, trials and appeals.

Self-represented Litigants




Financial Statements



Speech Advocacy Training

We have extensive experience resolving issues using alternate methods including mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. ASR will work with you and all parties to find a smart, reasonable resolution to the matter at hand without going to court.

Mediation is a voluntary process, in which parties agree to have an impartial person (the mediator) help them reach a mutually agreed upon resolution. If mediation is unsuccessful, the parties can arbitrate their dispute.

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution, in which the parties agree to be bound by the decision of a third party (the arbitrator) who has reviewed the evidence. Our firm offers both mediation and arbitration services.

Alternative Dispute Resolution




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